Cpt. Cook's manuka beer.

Manuka beer was brewed for the first time as long as 200 years ago. The sailors under Captain James Cook, British explorer, seafarer and cartographer, were the first to taste manuka beer, made from the leaves of the manuka plant or the New Zealand 'tea tree'. They were introduced to the plant by New Zealand's indigenous population, the Maori, who for countless generations had used the manuka plant as a medicinal herb both on its own or added to their cooking. Today, manuka honey is known for it's wholesome, health giving qualities due to its high concentration of natural antioxidants which protect the body from negative outside influences.

About ten years ago the original recipe for manuka beer was recovered from Captain Cook's diaries. The Mussel Inn introduced its own variation of the brew under the name Captain Cooker, after a species of wild boar which Captain Cook liberated on his arrival, ultimately becoming a widespread resident of the forests of New Zealand. The beer is amber coloured, has about 5.7 percent alcohol and has a unique taste that is quite different from any other beer. With its pleasant aroma and delicious taste this refreshing beer will appeal to even the most discerning beer drinker. It takes no expert to realise that the brewing of this beer is rooted in a love of nature. It contains no sugar additives or chemicals and is brewed according to traditional methods.

Based on the original recipe, Captain Cooker is now brewed in Belgium by 'Brouwerij De Graal' for the 'Belgian Beer Brewing Company', using the same manuka leaves picked from the native forests of New Zealand, the best of Belgian hops from Poperinge, Trappist yeast and some of the purest water from the Flemish Ardennes. Extremely happy with the result we are very excited to present this manuka beer to the market.

All that remains now is for us to raise our glasses and say 'cheers!', or as they put it in New Zealand: 'A drink to your good health!'.